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Made for people with chemical sensitivities and allergies, alfree PLAIN TOOTHPASTE is salicylate free and free from flavours, colours, mint, artificial sweeteners and sugar. It’s also fluoride, SLS and paraben free, so you can reduce sublingual chemical absorption and take the bite out of brushing your teeth.


  • Freedom from toothpaste related reactions
  • No flavour
  • Full bodied toothpaste (no gel)
  • Contains prebiotic sorbitol proven to reduce tooth decay
  • No burning sensation from mint


$7.50 AUD - GST Included


It’s what we don’t put in that makes you grin.

We all need to brush our teeth, but for some of us, this simple task can lead to an endless stream of worry about exposure to chemicals which can make us ill.

alfree is free from many of the chemicals that worry people with allergies, chemical sensitivities and other health concerns.

alfree is made for people with aspirin or salicylate allergy, chemical sensitivities, mint allergies, diabetes and anyone wanting to reduce their chemical exposure.

flavour free • colour free • salicylate free • SLS free • paraben free • fluoride free • gluten free • sugar free


Use alfree PLAIN WHITENING TOOTHPASTE in place of alfree PLAIN TOOTHPASTE or alfree NATURAL PEAR TOOTHPASTE every 2-3 days to remove stains and brighten teeth. Remember to brush teeth at least twice daily after meals for 2-3 minutes. Brush at a 45 degree angle to gums using a small up and down motion. Smile regularly.



No other TP works better

pkpatel108 (verified owner) - 11 months ago
( 5) review
  1. pkpatel108 (verified owner)

    No other TP works better

  2. annettedudding (verified owner)

    Please never ever stop making this toothpaste. I have a severe mint allergy and this toothpaste is perfect.

  3. gazola01 (verified owner)

    Excellent product which is becoming increasingly difficult to find. Have been using it for years.

  4. RICKEY TYNER (verified owner)

    I live in the USA. I love this toothpaste. It’s plain with no mint. I can’t find an equivalent in the US. It leaves my mouth refreshed with no overbearing mint or other strong taste. Will continue to buy. Thanks for making it available here and shipping to the US.

  5. Margaret Rutherford

    I have been using Alfree for two years now and it is wonderful. For four years I had been having terrible pain in my mouth, ulcers and bleeding gums and could only eat very soft food. I found Alfree in a local shop and and began using it. After a few months, my mouth began to heal, the bleeding gums stopped and I was able to eat again. I managed to buy it a second time and was happy. Now none of the local shops stock it. My local pharmacy gets it in for me. Why is it not more widely known about.

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